MoreWine! is proud to present our line of premium quality stainless steel tanks. Built in Germany by Speidel, the world-class traditions of German engineering and craftsmanship are reflected in these tanks. And, after examining tanks built by every major manufacturer worldwide, we can safely say that when it comes to features, quality and price, these tanks represent the very best value available in stainless steel wine storage.

Note: The price listed below is for a standard base tank with no additional options. Please refer to the "You May Also Need" section at the bottom of this page to review the options that are available for this particular tank. Don't see what you're looking for? Many custom options are available. Feel free to contact us at info@morewinemaking.com with your needs for a custom quote.

Variable Volume Tanks are popular with many winemakers, professional and amateur alike.  The basic idea behind a Variable Volume Tank (sometimes shortened to V/V Tank) is the “floating” lid assembly. This stainless steel lid fits inside the body of the tank with about an inch of play all the way around.  The concave rim of the lid has an inflatable bladder – much like a bicycle inner tube – stretched around it.  By inflating the bladder with an included hand pump, you can hold the lid in place at whatever level you wish inside the tank.

The major advantage of a Variable Volume Tank is that it can adapt to changes in your total volume of wine in order to remain “full” at all times.  Variations in yield, as well as losses from racking and sampling, will no longer send you scrambling for top up wine or filling up your containers with the cheap bulk stuff!

Key Features

Interior Finish - Speidel tanks feature an ultra-smooth 2R rated interior surface which effectively resists the build-up of tartarate residues. Clean your tanks with cold water after cold stabilization! Say goodbye to harsh cleaning chemicals and expensive CIP systems!

Weld Quality - Speidel's robotic-arm laser welders create flawless stainless to stainless junctions that look and feel more like a taped fabric seam than a traditional weld. Ultra high-quality welds leave no chance for residual product to harbor spoilage organisms.

Warranty - Speidel-Behaelter, GMBH backs up each and every tank with an industry-leading 25 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. And, as a 5th generation manufacturer, you can be confident they?ll be around to honor that warranty should the need arise.

Thickness - Speidel tanks are on average around 25% thicker than Italian manufactured tanks of the same general capacity and dimensions.

Complete Drainage Bottoms - All Speidel tanks are outfitted with conical, pocketed bottoms for total drainage, which maximizes product yield at rackings and makes cleaning a snap. *Please note that smaller, flat-bottomed tanks do not feature total drainage bottoms.

Tri-Clamp Valve Ferrules - All Speidel tanks come configured for use with Tri-Clamp (TC) style valves and fittings. Tanks up to 1600L capacity are outfitted for use with 1.5in TC. Other sizes and custom configurations are available at additional cost upon request. **Please Note: TC valves not included. Please inquire with your sales associate for pricing on TC valves and fittings.

Rubber Lid Gaskets - New for 2009! That's right, starting in 2009 all Speidel Variable Volume Tanks will come standard with our upgraded White Rubber Lid Gaskets. Rubber gaskets are much thicker than the traditional clear vinyl gaskets, which along with their extruded manufacturing process provide a much better seal with the tank's wall. That means better protection for your wines!

MoreWine!'s German Variable Volume Tank Gasket Replacement Chart:

Tank SKU#


Tank Diam.

Vinyl Gasket

White Gasket

GER210, GER220VF


55 cm

WE383 (50 cm)

WE369D (52 cm)

GER212, GER290VF


63 cm

WE384 (65 cm)

WE369E (60 cm)




82 cm

WE385 (80 cm)

WE369J (80 cm)




82 cm

WE385 (80 cm)

WE369J (80 cm)






100 cm

W386 (100 cm)

WE369M (100 cm)


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