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White Wine Making

It's Easier Than you Think
Making White Wine at home is easier than most people think. Because oak aging is optional, making white wine at home eliminates one of the hard parts of red wine making, aging the wine in an oak barrel.  White wine is also ready to drink in as little as six months so the turn around time is very, very fast.  One of the biggest keys to making white wine well is having temperature control.   

White Wines Ferment Cold
White wine ferments cooler, ideally in the 50-55 degree range, and so usually requires some sort of refrigeration. This is where a spare refrigerator, easily sourced through Craig's List, and our Temperature Controller FE600, will allow you to ferment white wine at the correct temperature.  In the white wine making process the grapes are usually crushed and then pressed on the same day.  This requires both a grape crusher/destemmer and a wine bladder press. These are available for purchase, of if you live close to one of our retail stores, you can rent them. However, you really don;t need a crusher or a press if you use Brehm Frozen Juice. 

Brehm Frozen Fruit - Making High End Home Winemaking Easy!

NEW - we are very excited about the introduction of the Brehm frozen must/juice campaign, especially for white wine making!  What Brehm does is source the frozen fruit from famous grape growing regions like Napa, Sonoma, Moneterrey and areas of Washington State.  Peter Brehm visits the vineyards working with the vineyard managers to ensure awesome fruit.  Having traveled with Peter  to various vineyards we can testify to the attention to detail and the resulting quality. The vineyards we visited were so interesting and beautiful, often filled with history, that they just leave you wanting to make wine.  We cannot stress enough that most home winemakers do not normally have access to this quality of fruit from premium areas because fruit of this caliber is normally always sold in the multiple ton lots to commercial wineries. 

How it Works
After harvesting, the grapes are taken to the Brehm processing facility where they are crushed, pressed, settled, and then poured into 6 gallon pails and frozen.  This means you do not need a crusher, press and the juice is already settled and mostly free of solids.  When you order MoreWine! takes pails out of the -10 deep freezer and ships out frozen fruit in insulated containers every Monday.  The juice will stay frozen through the following Saturday, allowing you to plan your winemaking for a Friday or Saturday... during anytime of year.  This is a great value and a great convenience. 

A Video Blog and Free Instructions
Click for more additional information on Frozen Wine Grapes!  Want to watch our MoreWine! brand manager Tristan Johnson make Napa Valley Cab from the State Lane Vineyard, click on Brehm Fruit  Video Blog. Future video blogs will include the making of white wine. 

A free 92 page Manual on Making White Wine?

  • White Winemaking: Our updated and comprehensive step-by-step guide to making world class whites at home.  This guide represents nine years of making high-end wine in small home sized lots.  Download it for free or buy a hard copy from our site.  

Click here for more a complete list of free winemaking how-to instructions!