Wine Pump - Rubber Impeller (15 GPM)
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We worked with our pump supplier to make this pump specifically for our application. We wanted a pump that would move about 15GPM and would have the torque necessary to flip directions at will.

The Ideal Flow Rate
The problem with many pumps this size is that the motor rotates at around 1700RPM. This high speed produces a flow rate of 25GPM with very low torque, which is not ideal for most of our customers. Over time we have found that most customers want a pump that runs at closer to 15GPM. When truly high flow rates are needed most winemakers opt for a Chunky Must Pump which will handle the volumes with ease. When a small pump is needed for low aeration transfers 25GPM is often just too fast.

More Torque - A Good Thing!
Our pump is also wired differently internally. Most motors spin at about 1700 RPM and to get them to go slower you need Gear Drive Reduction, a very costly add on. In some cases a bypass can be added, but these are really more useful for relieving excess pressure than for slowing down flow. This pump features a new motor that actually wound differently and rotates at 1080RPM. Not only does this slow the pump down but it dramatically increases the torque. One of our largest complaints with rubber impeller pumps spinning at 1700RPM is that they lack the torque necessary to flip the rubber impeller, which is what needs to happen to switch the direction of flow.

Includes Stainless Cart & On/Off Switch
We have included an On/Off switch which is a simple feature, but one which may save you a nice jolt. We often feel that playing roulette with a wet cord that is laying on the cellar floor is not the smartest thing to do (since you have wine to make and all!). Being able to turn the pump off and on quickly is a big plus when you are nearing the end of a critical transfer.


  • Flow rate is 15 GPM
  • 1.5" Tri-Clover input and output
  • Max Head pressure of 70 feet
  • 220V single phase Input Voltage Required
  • Comes with on/off switch and bare-wire electrical cord - you must apply your own 220V plug for your outlet configuration
  • Food grade to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
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