A High End Home Winery Example


We often get asked to set up comprehensive home wineries that allow the new or novice home winemaker to start with everything they need to make high-end wine at home.  We would like to emphasize 'Make high-end'wine'.  It will often depend on exactly what and how much you want to make. This customer wished to produce 25 cases (equal to one 60 gallon barrel) of both red and white wine, for a total of 50 cases per year

You can make wine very cheaply (they make wine in prison after all...) and at the other end of the spectrum we have helped set up $50,000+ elite home wineries with what is essentially commercial equipment.  This collection, costing approximately $10,000, represents a very complete, well-set up model for making 50 cases per year.  Tristan Johnson our MoreWine! Brand Manager originally received the customers wish list, talked with him about what he wanted to achieve, and then put together this package. Included are his notes about some of the equipment.  The quote was assembled in 2010 so you will need to refer to the web for current pricing.

We also offer several winery package examples in our paper catalog which you should also check out.   

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