A High End Home Winery Example


We often get asked to set up comprehensive home wineries that allow the new or novice home winemaker to start with everything they need to make high-end wine at home.  We would like to emphasize 'Make high-end wine'.  It will often depend on exactly what and how much you want to make. This customer wished to produce 25 cases (equal to 60 gallons) of both red and white wine, for a total of 50 cases per year

You can make wine very cheaply and at the other end of the spectrum we have helped set up $50,000+ elite home wineries with what is essentially commercial equipment.  This collection, costing approximately $10,000* (The quote was assembled in 2010 so you will need to refer to the web for current pricing.) , represents a very complete, well-set up model for making 50 cases per year.  Keith Klingler our MoreWine! Sales Manager originally received the customers wish list, talked with him about what he wanted to achieve, and then put together this package. Included are his notes about some of the equipment.

There are a lot of ways to set up a home wine operation. Here is a list of products necessary to make a 60 gallon barrel (or 25 cases) of wine. Obiously additional volume could be easily added on. To view this list in a spreadsheet click here.

Process QTY SKU Product Description Notes
Crush / Fermentation    
  1 WE223S Italian Destemmer / Crusher - Motorized. All Stainless This item ships via Freight so additional shipping cost will be applied depending on your destination delivery site.
  1 WE261 EnoItalia Stainless Stand & Chute for WE223S This is designed to drop into a 10gal white fermenter or a 6 gal bucket, which is then transferred to the main fermenter. You'll find the buckets under "General Tools"
  2 FE340 6 Gallon Plastic Bucket This is for catching the must as it comes out of the chute and transferring it to the fermenters
  4 WE509 Wine Fermenter - 32 Gallon FDA Plastic  
  4 WE510 Wine Fermerter Lid FDA Plastic for WE510  
optional 4 WE516 Wine Fermenter Dolly - Black  
  1 WE533 Wine Cap Punch Down Tool (46 in Tall)  
optional 1 WE556 Unifork Food Grade Pitchfork  
  1 GER104 Speidel Bladder Press - 90 L  
  2 WE501 10 Quart Plastic Pail with Handle This gives you a container to catch your juice/wine on the way out of the press, as you'll need something smaller than a bucket
Storage & Aging    
optional 2 GER110VF 110L Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank Only needed if doing white wines.
  1 GER220VF 220L Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank This is the tank for performing ML in which sometimes can be easier than doing ML in a barrel depending on your set up.
  2 MT512 Thermometer (3 in. Face x 6 in Probe) Add 1 more if you add a 220L tank
optional 2 WE467 Wine Barrel - New Oak - Saint Martin - 100L Do you have a plan for how you will top up your barrels?
optional 1 WE492 MoreWine! Barrel Washer  
optional 1 WE497 Barrel Rack for Two 30 Gallon Oak Barrels  
optional 1 KEG405 Cornelius Keg Barrel Topping System This is the best way to keep your barrels topped up during aging, which is critical to sucessful barreling
optional 1 KEG420 Cornelius Keg - Rebuilt You want about 1x 5gal keg per 30gal barrel of wine for top up storage
optional 1 D1080 Gauges Cage  
optional 1 WE701 Sulfur Burner  
optional 1 WE702 Sulfur Discs  
Racking & Transfers    
  1 H305 Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump  
  2 H305Z White Plastic Fitting for H305 These allow you to connect tubing to the pump
  20 TUB104 Tubing - Reinforced Vinyl (1/2 in)  
  4 H960 Hose Clamp Self explanatory
  1 R370 Acrylic 1/2" Racking Cane - 30" Along with the three items below, this makes a racking cane for using the pump with the barrels
  1 H960 Hose Clamp  
  1 TUB104 Tubing - Reinforced Vinyl (1/2 in)  
optionalRacking & Transfering    
optional 1 H501F CPC Male QD x 1/2" Barb To make it easier to connect the pump to the tanks.
optional 3 H501B CPC Male QD x 1/2" MPT These connect to the valves on your tanks making it easy to connect the pump when necessary
optional 2 H501E CPC Female QD - 1/2 in Barb For connecting your pump tubing to the QD fittings on the Tanks
  1 WE905 Wine Plate Filter (20 x 20) - 10 Plates  
  1 FIL921A Filter Sheets - 20 x 20 (1 - 4 Micron) - 100 Sheets  
  1 FIL923A Filter Sheets - 20 x 20 (0.4 - 0.6 Micron) - 100 Sheets  
Bottling & Corking    
  2 CE970 Bottle Rinsing or Sparging Base  
  2 CE971 Bottle Rack for CE970  
  1 CE972 Gas Sparging Adapter for CE970  
  1 WE620 Enolmatic Wine Bottle Filler (1 Head)  
  1 WE682A Horizontal Capsule Heat Shrinker - Stainless Steel  
optional 5 W492A Heat Shrink Sleeves - Burgundy (100)  
optional 5 W494A Heat Shrink Sleeves - Gold (100)  
Measuring & Testing    
  1 MT570 Vinmetrica SC-300 SO2, pH & TA Analyzer Kit Easy to use, hand held, all in one unit for testing SO2, pH and Total Acidity
  1 MT618 pH Storage Soution Necessary for pH meter maintenance
  1 MT610 pH 4 and pH 7 Calibrating Solutions Needed to ensure accurate pH readings
  1 Y700 Hanna Stir Plate  
  2 Y702 Magnetic Stirr Bar (1 in) - Replacement  
  4 W502 150 ml Beaker You may want to get a few more of these
  1 MT640 Pipet - 5mL A big help with the TA test kit
  1 MT930 ML Chromatography Test Kit Only necessary if you are performing ML - not strictly required, but a good idea
General Supplies    
  1 FE340 6 Gallon Plastic Bucket for mixing sanitizer in
  1 CE27 White Scrub Pads general cleaning & sanitizing
optional 1 BK598 MoreWine Guide to Red Winemaking our own manual
optional 1 BK597 MoreWine Guide to White Winemaking our own manual
optional 1 BK605 Techniques in Home Winemaking this is the book that will take you to the next level
  1 CL26A StarSan - 32oz Our preferred sanitizer - concentrated, one oz makes a 5 gal bucket
  1 CL25A PBW -1lb Highly efficient cleaner for breaking down organics.
  2 H550 Beer & Gas Tubing Quick Disconnect Set  
optional 1 KEG850 Inert Gas Bottle Sparger  
  1 MT347 Glass Wine Thief  
  1 WE590 Lees Stirrer  




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