Choosing a Wine Cork
By Tristan Johnson

When browsing MoreWine!'s selection of wine corks, it may be difficult to know which one is best for your particular wine. Choosing the correct cork comes down to two factors: how long the wine will be in the bottle before it gets consumed, and economics. If you will be...

Bottling Your Wine
By Shea Comfort

Once we have gone through the pre-bottling check-list and the wine has undergone any needed treatments, we are ready to bottle the wine. Make sure that the bottles are rinsed clean, sanitized, and that your corks (W430) and corker (W405) are at hand. Then, bottle the wine using one of the...

Red Pre-Bottling Checklist
By Shea Comfort

If the wine tastes fine and you are happy with the level of clarity, an SO2 test is all that's left. Once this has been taken care of, we can proceed to the actual bottling of the wine.  Please see our Guide to SO2 Management for additional information.  ...

White Pre-Bottling Checklist
By Shea Comfort

At some point in the next 6-12 months, depending on the type of wine you are making, the wine will have come together enough to be considered finished. If you are making a straightforward, fruity wine that does not have any oak in it and is not being aged on the lees then you will usually have...