Benchmarking of SO2 Analysis Instruments and Methods in Wine Applications
By Daniel Pambianchi

By Daniel Pambianchi Abstract: Free sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a key parameter monitored throughout the winemaking process and at bottling to ensure wine is adequately protected from enzymatic and chemical oxidative effects and microbial spoilage. The aim of this study was 1) to benchmark...

Testing the must for sugar content, PH, and TA
By Shea Comfort

Before you add the yeast, you need to test the must to determine if any additions/corrections are needed. Very rarely will you get a grape that naturally has the required balance of acids, sugars, and pH necessary to create a harmonious wine. When one or more of these elements are out of their...

OFF - Use and Care of a pH Meter
By Tristan Johnson

Parts of a pH Meter: Your pH meter consists of two or three basic parts, depending on the model you have purchased. All meters will have a main body component, which houses the microchip used to process the measurements made by the meter and the meter’s display. All meters also have...

Performing a Bench Trial
By Tristan Johnson

What, Why & When A bench trial is a small-scale trial meant to simulate the addition of an additive or fining agent to a larger volume of wine. The idea is that by trying an addition or fining out on a small scale, you can try a range of dosages, or even different products, without...

Testing For Heat Stability
By Shea Comfort

Heat stability test protocol:   •  Fine filter a 100 mL sample of wine (a coffee filter works great for this). If the sample is not filtered, other forms of precipitation may settle out with the protein and it will be difficult to get an accurate assessment of the results....

Timing Stabilization Treatments
By Shea Comfort

•  If you will only be doing cold stabilization, then this can be done during the ageing of the wine at any time. In cold climate areas, carboys and tanks are allowed to cool down during winter by being left in unheated garages or sheds. However you do it, the wine must be at least...