Oak Barrel Care Guide
By Tristan Johnson

Congratulations on your new winery purchase and welcome to the world of oak barrel ageing!  Your home winery is now part of an age-old tradition which truly does add depth and character to the wines produced in this method. The following are some guidelines and considerations that...

All About Oak and Red Wine
By Shea Comfort

     American oak (Quercus alba) has about 21% non-tannic phenolic content while its French (and Hungarian) counterpart (Quercus robur), contains around 14%. However, French (and Hungarian to a lesser content) has 2.5 times the extraction of total phenolics than does the...

A comparison of French, Hungarian, and American Oaks
By Shea Comfort

The following are results from research done at Stavin and should only be used to give an approximation of what each of these three varieties of oak can bring to your wine. Each sample was made using oak cubes with a two-month contact time and evaluated with no bottle ageing. Note: Due to the...