Choosing Whether to Press or Macerate White Grapes
By Shea Comfort

The timing of filling the press depends on the technique of processing the fruit you decided to use:   Whole clusters: Fill the press immediately, add SO2 to the juice as it gets released during the pressing cycle.   Crush with no cold soaking: Fill the press as soon...

Pressing a Red Wine Fermentation
By Shea Comfort

At the end of the fermentation the wine will have extracted everything it needs from the seeds and skins. When this is completed, it is time to press. It is important to press in a timely fashion because a prolonged exposure to grape solids post-fermentation might cause reactions that could...

Pressing Small Batches
By Tristan Johnson

This is the simplest and least expensive method for pressing off red wine fermented from small lots of grapes or from a couple of pails of Brehm Vineyards frozen must.   This step will require: Two Buckets (FE340 & FE345) Plastic Carboy (FE314) Glass Jar...