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Air Driven Wine Pump

We sell the Air-Driven Diaphragm Wine Pumps in 3 different sizes: 3/8” ID (10.6 gpm max flow), 1/2” ID (14.4 gpm max flow) and 1” ID (47 gpm max flow). You can find the 1” units on our commercial equipment website, www.morewinepro.com. We sell both the ½” and 1” wine pumps in either stainless steel or polypropylene outer casings. All models of this type of wine pump that we sell have the same interior parts, materials and configurations. You can view them at either of the following two links:

Tubing size should match the ID of the wine pump you purchase. Larger is a problem because it is hard to keep the lines full and you risk oxidizing the wine. Smaller is a problem because it starves the pump body and shortens the overall life of the pump. On the inlet side it is required to use a reinforced tubing, because otherwise the suction caused by the wine pump (it is self-priming) will collapse the tubing. On the outlet you can use whatever type of tubing you wish, but we do recommend the reinforced here as well simply because it is nice tubing to work with and lasts longer.

For fittings, you can use either stainless or a food-grade plastic. Stainless lasts longer, and is recommended, though with plastic you can set up a Quick Disconnect System if you have a ½” wine pump. You’ll need Qty 2 of a threaded/barbed fitting that matches the size of your pump & tubing. For instance, if you went with a ½” wine pump, you’d need our H618 ½” MPT x ½” Barb fitting to connect the tubing to the pump. Be sure to hose-clamp the tubing to the fitting to keep from sucking air at this junction. The pump has several possible configurations for the inlet and outlet positions, so you’ll need Qty 3 MPT plug to close up the ports you choose not to use.

If you want to install an inline filter on a ½” pump, you can use our ½” inline filter. We do not have a larger or smaller version of this available, so if you are looking at another application you will need to ensure that the liquid you’re pumping is free of seeds and bits of skin.

All of these wine pumps have a ¼” FPT inlet for the air. You’ll need to supply your own compressor. We recommend a ¼” nipple and ¼” ball valve to regulate incoming pressure. Brass is suitable, but since we do not have any other application for brass fittings that size we only retail stainless.

Finally, you'll find a roll of Teflon tape useful during this assembly.

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