Bottle Wax & Alternatives

Let people know your wine is extraordinary with the ultimate finishing touch... VintageSeal bottle wax alternative. VintageSeal is a pliable, hybrid compound that is applied to the top of your best bottles for an Old World, hand-applied, wax-like appeal. Unlike wax, however, VintageSeal bottle wax alternative does not chip and can be easily removed by hand without a knife or tool of any sort!

VintageSeal is best melted in a small home-style deep fryer available from stores like Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

1) Place chunks of VintageSeal bottle wax alternative into the electric fryer and turn on to 350 degrees. Allow 2-3 hours for VintageSeal to fully liquefy.
2) Using a small butter knife or something similar place a small amount of hot VintageSeal onto the top of the cork. Spread the VintageSeal to make sure the top of the cork is completely sealed and the VintageSeal is touching the glass around the cork. Set aside and allow to cool for approximately 3 minutes.
3) Take previously sealed bottles from step #2 and insert the neck into the hot VintageSeal to your desired depth. Remove bottle while holding at a 45 degree angle and rotate to get an even coat.
4) Place right side up and allow to cool.

Notes on Use:

  • We suggest that you practice with empty, corked, bottles before setting up for your first real run. This allows you to get a feel for the application. If you don't like how a particular bottle looks you can remove the VintageSeal bottle wax alternative by peeling it off. You can then add this back to the fryer where it will melt down.
  • We suggest getting a fryer for each color you plan to use.
  • One Pound of VintageSeal bottle wax alternative will cover 30-40 bottles.