Fining Agents for Wine

We have everything you need for fining wine at home!

Wine is usually fined in order to soften a harsh or astringent character, to improve clarity (and filterability), and/or to create stability. Fining agents should be used at the lowest possible dosage needed to achieve the desired effect. Over dosage can often create a loss of mouthfeel, aroma and/or flavor. Due to the complexity of the chemical structures in wine, different fining agents will be more or less effective at achieving a desired result. We strongly recommend conducting a bench trial* first to determine which product gives the results you are looking for. Then, once this has been decided, do a second trial to determine the ideal dosage rate that will give the desired results for the least amount of product used.

(*For a step-by-step explanation on conductiong a bench trial, see section 10.7 in our Red Winemaking Manual and sectionm 9.7 in our White Winemaking Manual).

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