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The 2018 MoreWine!™ PreSeason Sale is Over.

Each spring here at MoreWine! we offer a wide range of winemaking equipment up for PreSale at discounted prices. The sale applies to most anything that we import from overseas for wine season. Everything from Crushers & Presses to Filters and Bottle Fillers - if it's Euro, it's discounted. Average discount on the equipment is 15% off, which can mean hundreds, or even thousands of dollars of savings for you!

The idea behind the sale is simple. We're working hard to gauge our customers' interest in certain types of items and to gather capital to buy all this equipment with. So, we extend you, our loyal customers, a discount off of the year's full price for the equipment in exchange for your pre-order and pre-payment on said order.

When does the sale run?

The sale is open every spring from February 15 through March 31st. This is the best possible time to get your order in for the equipment you'll need for the fall's harvest and crush. Not only do you get the best pricing of the year, but there's no risk of our being sold out of an item when you call us. PreSale orders also get priority routing through the warehouse and are the first to ship out when equipment arrives each year!

When do my items ship?

We receive wine equipment from April to August. We will start automatically  shipping full orders on June 1st and will continue to ship orders as equipment comes in.  Please note, we will only ship the order once everything on the order has arrived. We may start contacting you as soon as we receive your order in full before June 1st to see if you can take the order earlier. If you have any questions please contact our customer service team.

How can I learn more?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, either by e-mail at info@morewinemaking.com or by phone at 800-600-0033.


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