Brehm Frozen Fruit

Making wine from Brehm Vineyards Frozen Fruit is our preferred and most recommended method for getting started in the world of home winemaking!
  • Easier than Fresh Grapes - Working with Brehm Frozen Fruit requires less equipment than does working with freshly picked grapes, because the grapes have already been destemmed and crushed, as well as pressed in the case of whites. Brehm also performs the chemical analysis ahead of time for you.
  • High Quality Material - Brehm Vineyards gives you access to some of the best vineyards on the west coast - fruit that is typically not available to home winemakers and which hundreds of commercial wineries would love to get their hands on.
  • Make Wine on Your Schedule - With Brehm Frozen Fruit there is no need to wait for the fall harvest to try your hand at making wine, fruit is available year round.
  • Great Finished Product - The wines made from Brehm Frozen Fruit are every bit as good as anything you can make from freshly picked fruit.

More Info

To get started you'll want to purchase our Beginning Winemaking Equipment Kit for Brehm Frozen Fruit, and select a varietal of red or white frozen must from the categories listed below. Our equipment kit is designed to work with either 1 pail of frozen white juice or two pails of red frozen grapes.

While our Brehm Equipment Kit includes step by step instructions for using your new gear and outlines the winemaking process, you may also want to pick up one of our in-depth books on winemaking. We think that with winemaking it's a great idea to have a solid understanding of what you're getting into before you start. Any of these books will help with this, and will definitely serve as a good reference for those little questions when they arise - which they will!

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