Wine Concentrate Kits

Wine Concentrate Kits are the easiest and fastest way to get started making your own wine at home. Here are some of the key things to consider about Concentrate Kits:

  • Inexpensive & Easy - Wine Concentrate Kits require the smallest investment in equipment and have the simplest steps to follow in order to make wine.
  • Fast - Most Wine Concentrate Kits are designed to be bottled within 4-8 weeks of the day that you start making wine. Other methods will have you waiting 6-12 months to bottle your wine.
  • Already a Homebrewer? - Wine Concentrate Kits are the easiest way for a Homebrewer to try making a little wine at home, as you already have most of the equipment that you need!

Keep in mind that some customers feel that the wines made from Concentrate Kits lack some of the body and depth of flavor wines made from Fresh or Frozen Grapes. This is a natural byproduct of the concentration process. Kit wines consistently win awards at local and national winemaking competitions.

The Equipment Kit that we show below comes with everything you'll need to make your first wine from a Wine Concentrate Kit. You will want to select a kit from our selection to go with your equipment.

About Our Concentrate Kits

WineXpert is the world's largest producer of home winemaking kits. The grapes, harvested throughout the world, are destemmed, juiced and ran through a low-temperature vacuum designed to gently extract the water without destroying the delicate flavor of the grapes. They aseptically package the concentrates in bladders, then package those bladders in boxes with all the necessary yeast, additives, and a full set of clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

Cellar Craft makes top quality wine kits which feature larger juice volumes for more varietal character in the finished wine. Thier red wine kits also include a packet of grape skins & solids to include during the fermentation - just like as if you were working with fresh grapes. Cellar Craft kits consistently show well at national and international home winemaking competitions.

More Info
You may also want to pick up one of our books on the winemaking process. While not really necessary for making wine from the Concentrate Kit, we find that many winemakers who start with kits will move up to Fresh of Frozen Grapes eventually. These books will help get you familiar with the process and what additional equipment you'll need.

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