How to Make Wine

Welcome to the world of home wine making - we know that you're going to love it as much as we do! There are three main ways to make your own homemade wine, either from Wine Making Concentrate Kits, from Brehm Frozen Grapes shipped to your door or from Fresh Fruit.

1) Wine Kits:
Wine kits are the easiest and fastest way to get started making wine at home. The juice comes in a concentrated form, which you re-constitute, and the winemaking follows a very simple process outlined in the detailed instructions included with each kit. The wine is usually bottled after 6-10 weeks. Wine kits require the smallest investment in equipment and starting materials, but the wines tend to lack some of the depth and intensity of wines made from Fresh or Frozen fruit. Click the link for more information about starting with wine kits.

2) Brehm Frozen Fruit:
While Brehm Vineyards has been freezing grapes from World Class vineyards for decades, they have remained a little out of reach for many home winemakers due to the restrictions surrounding shipping frozen, perishable products around the country. Until now. MoreWine! has developed its own proprietary packaging for the Brehm product which allows us to ship around the country by UPS Ground service, opening up the world of Brehm Frozen Fruit to all home winemakers. You can get started making wine using the Brehm Frozen Fruit with a modest investment in equipment and the fruit itself. This method is much closer to the processes used to make wine from freshly harvested grapes and yields a wine with every bit as much character as wines made from fresh grapes. Click the link for more information about starting with Brehm Frozen Fruit.

3) Fresh Fruit:
Making wine from Fresh Fruit is the closest that a home winemaker can get to doing it the way that they do in commerical wineries. This method is the most involved way to get started, requiring a more substantial investment in equipment and requiring you to source the fruit itself. It also offers the most opportunity for mistakes, which can be discouraging the the beginner. For more information on making wine from Fresh Fruit, consult our Guide to Red Wine Making or our Guide to White Wine Making.

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