Wine Bladder Press

Bladder Presses work by expanding a bladder using household water pressure via a garden hose. Since the bladder is situated in the center of the press, the grapes are squeezed from the inside out in an even fashion, avoiding the formation of juice pockets (so you don't need to re-pack the pommace and press a second time to get all of your wine out). Bladder presses are quite gentle on the must and create a higher quality "press" wine than basket presses (so good in fact that we no longer seperate the press from our free run in our own winery, Olin Wines. Furthermore, bladder presses don’t require any physical effort to operate; a garden hose using standard, household pressure will do all of the work for you. Finally, Bladder presses are easy to sanitize and lightweight enough to move around easily. The only downside to bladder presses is that they do cost more than basket presses.