Wine Making Thermometers

Temperature plays an important role in winemaking and there are several instances where a winemaking thermometer is an indispensable tool:

  • Yeast hydration is optimal at 104 F, and a 12" lab thermometer is a great, low cost tool for making sure you can accurately hit the targeted temperature and get your fermentation off to a great start.
  • Monitoring wine fermentation temperatures is important so you can avoid heat spikes or cold snaps which could adversely affect your yeast. A floating thermometer is really convenient because it can be placed and left in the must without fear of it sinking to the bottom of the fermenter!
  • Storage vessels can easily be outfitted with a winemaking thermometer to monitor their temperatures. These thermometers come in two forms: a Bi-Metal dial thermometer with a 6" probe" or a thermometer with a 2" probe" that screws into a 1/2" threaded female coupler on the tank, or as an LCD strip called a Fermometer that adheres to the side of the tank or bucket . 
  • Cellar areas should ideally be maintained at around 55 F with 65-75% humidity. MoreWine!'s combination clock, thermometer and hygrometer will help you dial this in!