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Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

MoreWine! is pleased to offer two separate lines of stainless tanks for purchase. The first is our line of Italian manufactured tanks which we retail under our own MoreWine! brand name. The second is our line of Speidel tanks which are manufactured in Germany. All in all, we think the Speidel tanks represent the highest value available in a tank today - excellent features, construction and warranty all at a very reasonable price! That said, many home winemakers elect to purchase the MoreWIne! brand tank as it is a perfectly functional piece of equipment available at a great price. Either way you go, making the move to a stainless steel tank for storing or fermenting your wine is the ideal solution for handling larger volumes.

Please Note: MoreWine! keeps a minimal level of stock of stainless steel tanks outside of the harvest and fermentation season, due to the high inventory costs associated with storing tanks year-round. Instead, we encourage our customers to take advantage of our Annual PreSeason Sale, which runs from early February through mid-April each year. During the PreSeason Sale each year we extend our customers the opportunity to both reserve stock and save on the price of the tanks by placing their order early, before we place our orders with our overseas manufacturers. It should also be noted that our line of Speidel Tanks are only available for purchase during this PreSeason Sale period. For more information and a complete listing of products available during the PreSeason Sale, please take a look at the PreSeason Sale section of our webiste.

If you are looking for a Speidel custom tank, click here for our custom tank builder!  Make sure to have your order in by March 31st!

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