Welcome to Home Wine Making

Welcome to the world of home wine making - we know that you're going to love it as much as we do! There are three main ways to make your own homemade wine, either from Wine Making Concentrate Kits, from Brehm Frozen Grapes shipped to your door, or from Fresh Fruit.


1) Wine Kits
Make Wine Kits Anytime of Year

Wine kits are the easiest and fastest way to get started making wine at home. The juice comes in a concentrated form, which you re-constitute, and the winemaking follows a very simple process outlined in the detailed instructions included with each kit. The wine is usually bottled after 6-10 weeks. Wine kits require the smallest investment in equipment and starting materials. Our preferred brand of wine kits, VineCo, makes somes amazing wine! Click the link to shop wine kits.

2) Brehm Frozen Fruit
Make Wine From Frozen Fruit Anytime of Year
Wine Grapes are selected from premier vinearys in Napa, Sonoma and beyond. Reds are crushed and whtes are crushed/pressed/settled and then deep frozen in food-grade plastic buckets. Since you dont need a crusher/destemmer (and in the case of whites you dont even need a press!) you can get started with a small investment in equipment. Savvy home winemakers know that freezing actually helps the winemaking process and that Brehm Fruit is the best in the business .

Brehm Vineyards has been freezing world class grapes for over 30 years.  MoreWine! has developed a packaging for the Brehm product which allows us to ship frozen grapes anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.  Click the link for more information about starting with Brehm Frozen Fruit.


3) Fresh Fruit
Make Wine From Fruit During Harvest Time
Making wine from fresh fruit is the ultimate for most home winemakers. World class wine can be made in your garage with just a little research and reading. Fortunately MoreWine! is the #1 source for equipment, supplies, and free knowledge for making wine directly from grapes.  Here are three steps to help get you started.

1) Source Your Fruit - Either from local vineyards or winemaking supply shops or via brokers who bring in fruit from California or South America.  

2. Choose the equipment you need:  We offer recommended equipment packages in our paper catalog based on the volume of wine you want to produce or the quantity of grapes you have. You can also visit the Starting With Grapes page on our website.

3) Free Info: Our free Guide to Red Wine Making or our Guide to White Wine Making are the best places to start.  Also check out our MoreManuals, Articles, and Videos in our How-To section.




About MoreWine!

We are passionate about winemaking - Since 2001 we have been on a mission to bring home winemaking to as many folks as we can reach. Simply put, we love great wine. In fact, we love it so much that making wine at home wasn't enough and in 2004 we launched MoreWine Pro along with Olin Wines to feed our need to make more and more. Today we channel a lot of that same energy and passion into our product line, constantly innovating and developing new products for home wine makers.

We are passionate about quality products - We want to give our customers access to the same quality products that are used in commercial wine production, and we want them to last. Because most of the equipment for winemaking at any level is manufactured in Europe we have annual visits with our suppliers and manufacturers there. Unlike many home winemaking suppliers, we source and import our equipment directly from countries like Italy and Germany. This enables us to offer the best warranties in the business. Also, we are the only supplier who is liscenced by the original manufacturer to repackage the commercial grade yeasts and additives that we carry because we package them under a sterile HEPA filter hood.

We are passionate about Great Customer Experiences - We want you to be happy. We want your winemaking experiences to be nothing but top notch. That is why we extend the warranty on many of our products past what the manufacturer will honor. It's also why we offer an easy, hassle-free warranty and return process. And it's why we've invested years in developing the most extensive free library of reference materials for home winemakers anywhere - check it out here.