Free Winemaking Manuals & Instructions!

Welcome to our free Winemaking Manuals & Instructions Page!

On this page you will find our free .pdf collection of manuals and instructions developed in-house as a byproduct of over 10 years worth of winemaking experiments, conversations with industry experts and most importantly, conversations with our customers. All of the links below will open up PDF copies of the documents, which you are free to print out and distrubute as you wish. Our goal is to serve the home winemaking community and to furnish home winemakers with all the information they need to tackle any aspect of the winemaking process!

MoreWine!'s Comprehensive Guides to Winemaking
These two guides represent our best advice and guidance based on years of interaction with our customers. We feel that adhering to the methods laid out in these two guides gives home winemakers their best shot at making great wine at home!

MoreWine! Guide to Red Winemaking
Our comprehensive guide to making red wine at home! This 75 page booklet is split into 2 separate sections which outline first the how, then later the why of making wine at home. Many of our customers have reported that this is their primary resource for red winemaking instruction. Also available as a printed hard copy.

MoreWine! Checklist to Red Winemaking
We've created a shortened version to our Red Winemaking Manual, which will help walk you through the winemaking process step-by-step.  This checklist is a great outline to the entire process, and will refer to the manual quite a bit.  We recommend you use both of these documents in combination with one another, as it will provide you with the quick answers you need, as well as the detailed information necessary to make excellent wine!

MoreWine! Guide to White Winemaking
Similar to our Red Winemaking paper above, this 92 page booklet is a fully comprehensive outline of the basics of making white wine at home. Many of our customers have reported that this is the most in-depth and comprehensive resource for white winemaking they have found. Also available as a printed hard copy.



MoreWine!'s MoreManuals
MoreManuals are our thorough guides to various theoretical aspects of the winemaking process. If you're looking for information on a general winemaking topic then you will probably find it in one of the papers below. For information specific to one of our products or product ranges please scroll down the page to our MoreInstructions Section.

Yeast and Grape Pairing Guide
Based on years and years worth of research, this paper details our tasting notes from pairing different yeast strains with different grape varietals. Use these descriptions to choose the yeast (or yeasts!) that produce the flavors you are looking for.

Yeast Rehydration Guide
Our recommended protocol for yeast rehydration along with our recommended nutrient schedule.

Guide to Macro Oxygenation and Fermentation
Written by MoreWine!'s resident Yeast Whisperer, Shea Comfort, this is a comprehensive guide to how to manage and harness oxygen to keep your yeast and ferment healthy.

Malolactic Bacteria Information Paper
A simple and complete guide to Malolactic Fermentation. Find out how to keep your little guys happy and avoid a stuck ML.

A High End Home Winery Example
We often get asked to set up comprehensive home wineries that allow the new or novice home winemaker to start with everything they need to make high-end wine at home.  We would like to emphasize 'Make high-end wine'.  It will often depend on exactly what and how much you want.

Using Inert Gas in Winemaking
Learn how to use inert gasses like argon or nitrogen to blanket your wine and purge headspaces in your storage vessels.

Guide to SO2 Management
Managing SO2 is one of the most important and most misunderstood aspects of winemaking. This manual will help you make sense of SO2 management and give your wines their best shot at greatness!

SO2 Management Protocols
An in depth guide of the standard protocols for managing your SO2 based on the desired levels and type of wine.

Sanitization in Winemaking
Learn the ins and outs of good cleaning and sanitization in your home winery.

Oak Information Manual
Oak is one of those things that goes hand in hand with making wine. This manual will teach you about the different types of oak and methods for integrating it with your wine.

Oak Barrel Care Guide
We've all seen the barrels in our local wineries, and you've probably debated whether or not you're ready to take the "barrel plunge." Whether you've got one already or are just looking for more info on what's involved, our comprehensive guide to the use, care and storage of oak barrels will tell you what you need to know.

Use and Care of a pH meter
Covers all aspects of use and ownership of a pH meter, including conditioning, calibration, general use, storage and troubleshooting.

How to Perform Bench Trials
Most additives and fining agents have a recommended dosage range from the manufacturer (or us!). With fining agents you want to determine the minimum dosage that will be effective in order to avoid over-stripping the wine. With additives the effect that you get can vary greatly even between relatively small differences in dosage. Learn how to set up bench trials so that you can try out a range of dosages before working with your whole volume of wine.

Chunky Pump Owner's Document
Do you have one of our Rubber Impeller Chunky Pumps (models PMP150, PMP200, PMP250)? Then this is the owner's document for your pump!

Benchmarking of Fining Agents
An in-depth look at alternative fining agents that will not cause allergic reactions.



MoreWine!'s MoreInstructions

The Instruction Manuals that you see below are specific to our equipment, test kits, and unique products, but they might work for yours too!

Brehm Fruit Instructions
Instructions on how to handle, thaw and if necessary adjust the sugar an acid of your Brehm Frozen Must

Basic Winemaking with Frozen Fruit
Instruction manual for making wine from Brehm Fruit. Takes you step by step through the winemaking process.

Additive Pack for Brehm Frozen Fruit (Reds)
Dosage and Addition instructions for our BF990 Additive Pack

Additive Pack for Brehm Frozen Fruit (Whites)
Dosage and Addition instructions for our BF995 Additive Pack

Guide to Using a Crusher Destemmer
This guide covers the use of one of our crusher destemmers.

Assembling a Variable Volume Tank
A step by step guide to assembling one of our Variable Volume Tanks, complete with photographs.

How to Use a Basket Press
A simple guide to the use of a traditional wooden basket press, also known as a ratchet press.

How to Use a Bladder Press
The bladder press is MoreWine!'s preferred style of press. With advantages in yield, wine quality, ease of use and time spent why wouldn't you use one?

MoreWine! Cornelius Keg Barrel Topping System
Instructions for our KEG405 Barrel Topping System with Corny Kegs

MoreWine! Cellar Keg
Instructions for how to use our Cellar Keg, including hooking it up with the recommended accessories to make a full-fledged professional quality top-up system for your barrels

Guide to Plate Filtering
Plate and Frame filtration, also known as "Depth Filtration" is the most common style of filtration for home winemakers and small wineries. This guide goes over the correct assembly, sanitation and use of a Plate and Frame style filter.

Siphon Filler Instructions
These instructions cover the use of our WE602 and WE610 Siphon Fillers

Professional Gravity Filler Instructions
These instructions cover the use of our WE644 and WE645 Professional Gravity Bottle Fillers

Installing and Wiring a Kreyer Fan Unit w/ Solenoid Valve
See how to wire a Kreyer fan unit and solenoid valve together to a temperature controller so that you an use your glycol system to automatically control the temperature of your cellar!

Applying Vintage Seal
How to properly apply our Vintage Seal bottle wax substitute. Give your bottles the classic, old world look of wax without the hassle and mess of wax removal.

Total Acidity Testing
Simple and straightforward instructions for our W501CS Acid Test Kit. Includes the process for using a pH meter to determine the endpoint of the test.

MoreWine! Home SO2 Test Kit
Instruction manual for our MT140 Home SO2 Test Kit. For more information you can also view our how-to videos in the product's description by clicking the part number above.

Professional Aeration-Oxidation Test Kit
These are the instructions for our MT140 Aeration-Oxidation test kit. The process is identical to the MT140, but the glassware and kit items are different.

Malolactic Chromatograpy
A quick and simple guide to using our MT930 Malolactic Chromatography Test Kit.

MoreWine! Refractometer Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet calculator allows you to use your refractometer to measure the progress of fermentation by accounting for the error induced by the presence of alcohol.

Hydrometer Temperature Correction Chart & Directions
A simple chart that allows you to get the most accurate hydrometer readings. Most hydrometers are calibrated for a 68F (20C) sample. This chart tells you how to adjust the reading based on the temperature of your sample.

Copper Sulfate Bench Trials and Treatment
Got rotten egg smell? This guide goes over the process for performing a bench trial to determine the exact cause and treatability of this common flaw. Instructions for our FIN84 Copper Sulfate Test Kit.

Guide to Threaded Fittings
NPT? BSPP? WTF? A simple one-page sheet that covers the differences between NPT and BSPP style threaded fitting and how to join them together. Handy reading for anyone who has purchased European-manufactured equipment which probably has BSPP threads on it.



Other Fun Stuff
Are you just a fermentation fanatic? Try these recipes for mead (honey wine) and plum wine. The plum wine recipe is a good template for other fruit wines too!

Mead Making Instructions
Mead, or honey wine, is believed by many to be the original fermented beverage - older than wine, beer and sake. Learn the basic ins & outs of mead making from MoreWine! When you're ready, you can order a Mead Kit.

Handy Winemaking Conversions Chart
Use this handy chart to help with determining how much wine you'll get from your grapes, convert between English and Metric units, and more!

Sparkling Wine Process Protocol
Use this outline to learn all the primary fermentation proccessing stages including units, times, and more!
Sparkling Wine Secondary Fermentation Protocol with ProElif
Step by step usage guide with full parameters, and more!
Sparkling Wine Secondary Fermentation Protocol with Yeast
Step by step usage guide for using active dry yeast - Prise de Mousse including units, times, and more!