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Ferment under pressure and serve 10 L (2.6 gal) of beer (or cider!) from the same vessel without ever transferring! The BrewKeg from WilliamsWarn is a unitank that allows you to ferment, carbonate and serve all in one vessel, saving you money on other equipment.

The BrewKeg lets you ferment up to 10 L (2.6 gal) of wort at up to 25 psi. The tank itself is larger than 10 L giving it the perfect amount of headspace to give you 10 L (2.6 gal) of finished beer. Fermenting under pressure reduces esters allowing your beer to ferment at higher and more varied temperatures. Fermenting under pressure also produces clearer beer! The fermenter also includes a yeast collection ball so you can remove yeast and trub without having to rack to a separate vessel. The BrewKegs all stainless steel construction and conical bottom make it perfect for extract, partial extract, and all-grain brewers.

The BrewKeg is also a great way to get started in homebrewing. We offer Williams Warn No Boil recipe kits you can add directly to your BrewKeg, ferment and done. Its really this easy:

  • Clean and sanitize your BrewKeg
  • Boil 500 ml of water
  • Add Malt Extract and hot water and stir until dissolved
  • Add your hops and any other ingredients your recipe calls for
  • Top up with water until you hit the 10 L mark
  • Add your yeast and seal the BrewKeg for the fermentation
  • Pressurize your BrewKeg to 25 psi and ferment
  • Serve and enjoy!


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Conical base
  • Extra large, easy to remove sediment ball
  • 25 psi working pressure & built in relief valve
  • 40 psi maximum pressure rating
  • Ferments clean and clear beer from 64 - 82 F
  • Beer is carbonated perfectly at the end of fermentation
  • Beer ready to enjoy sooner
  • Eliminates kegging
  • 2 Units will fit perfectly in our kegerators
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • BrewKeg Accessories and WilliamWarn No Boil kits available


  • Height: 23.25 in.
  • Diameter: 9.25 in.
  • Actual Volume: 12L (3.17 gal)
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Ease of use
Valued C on Oct 24, 2019
watching williams warn for several years
Valued C on Mar 25, 2019
Ease of use
Valued C on Oct 24, 2019
Brew size, and it will fit in my fermenting chamber.
Paul T on Jul 29, 2019
watching williams warn for several years
Valued C on Mar 25, 2019
Pressure Brewing system
Valued C on Jan 23, 2019
This is the best way to ferment beer. Under pressure!
Daniel D on Oct 1, 2018
Because I'm curious to make beer with a new system, I also saw New Zealand publications
Cristian Torres S on Jul 18, 2018
I have been using 6 gal glass carboys and bottling in Kolsch style glass. I want to simplify my operation. Glass can be hazardous but has advantages, but after 10 years lets try something new. Cheers.
George L Schmidt on May 8, 2018
Great time saving solution if you have the room
Kevin J R on May 2, 2018
Seemed like a great option for a newby. All the work is done in one devise without the need for transferring. The no boil option looked easier since I haven’t done this before
Dan P on Mar 1, 2018
Brew size, and it will fit in my fermenting chamber.
Paul T on Jul 29, 2019
Pressure Brewing system
Valued C on Jan 23, 2019
Can you use a beer gun to fill bottles from this unit?
Daniel Pickering on Nov 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hello Daniel, we see no reason why you couldn't. These BrewKegs are outfitted with standard ball lock gas in and beer out connection posts.
Can you use a regular corny keg lid instead? Is the opening in the keg itself the same?
Daniel Williams on Nov 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No. The opening is actually bigger and the lid is bigger and better. The lid has the spunding valve built into it and you can actually see through it so you can visually see that fermentation has started.
What comes in the kit?
Carl Capito on May 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This is the base Uni-Tank for Williams Warn, no-boil kits.
Is brewkeg made of 304 grade or 316 stainless steel?
Kuoting Hua on May 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It does not exactly say, (other than Stainless Steel) for the BrewKeg10, but for the larger brewKeg50 it does say 304 Stainless Steel.
When Hot packing a Unitank what is the process and recommendation to oxygenate the cooled wort when pitching yeast? Effect on fermentation?
George L Schmidt on May 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: After 'Hot Packing' the Unitank, and it's allowed to chill; we would recommend oygenating just prior to pitching yeast. This gives the yeast maximum exposure and absorption to the o2 before it evaporates out. The effect on fermentation is a stronger more vigorous yeast cell.

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BrewKeg10 is Impressive
This BrewKeg10 is perfect for when a full 5 gallon batch is just not what I need to brew and I'm not fond of tying up my regular conical fermenter with a half batch. Sometimes it is a recipe that I am experimenting with or I just don't need 5 gallons of that particular beer. This is a well made unit that looks impressive and feels substantial. Being able to remove the yeast and trub from the bottom of the cone is a big plus for me, and not having to rack my beer over to a separate corny keg to serve it is great.
December 16, 2019
8 months ago
Pressure fermenting
If you are not pressure fermenting in a metal fermentor, you are not doing it right.
November 24, 2019
1 year ago
Excellent, well-made Uni-tank
This has made quick fermentation of my BIAB lagers a breeze. It's manual covers only WW's no-boil kits, so some words of advice for homebrewing, be sure to leave the trub behind in the boil kettle, the collection bottle simply won't hold the trub plus the settled yeast, so adjust your batch size to leave the trub behind and still collect 10L. This tank is well made, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Oh, one more thing, skip the larger sizes of this tank.
The collection bottle is not removable which reduces the utility of the tank tremendously.
October 17, 2019
Better than I even imagined
Really have to give props to WM. I looked at a number of different conical vessels by different manufacturers, and I could not find a comparable product on the market that allowed me the ability to ferment under pressure + naturally carbonate, collect yeast for re-pitch, and conduct oxygenless transfers any easier than WM. An imperial stout is happily fermenting in primary as we speak!

Entry cost is not insignificant, but its a lot cheaper than other conicals out there (looking at you SS Brew Tech). Lid can be a tricky bugger, but my work around is to remove the PRV valve and rack through this hole after the lid is attached when the tank is dry (to avoid jockeying with the lid when the tank is full). This hole is unfortunately too tight for a standard 0.5 micron stone, but I may just switch to injecting oxygen through the gas post or get a carbonation stone.

Highly recommend! Will likely get a 20 L down the road. Accessories (pressure gauge, dosing device) are a bit steeply priced - plenty of cheaper DIY designs out there (only critical feedback).
October 9, 2019
10 months ago
Well made piece of kit
The box arriving from MoreBeer contained a cylinder with an industrial type band that released the wooden top of the cylinder. The brew keg was well packaged.

Opening everything up for inspection showed a very nice looking stainless fermenter. The lid Is a smoke colored transparent plastic, well engineered and suitable for the task. It has built in connector posts for gas in and liquid out and it has a pickup tube. It also has a built in twist to open/close sounding valve.

The butterfly valve is tight, as it should be, but easy enough to open. The collection bulb os see through plastic and capable of holding pressure.

I have a couple brews run through this now and am impressed overall with its build quality and ease of use. The Bohemian Pilsner no boil kit was super easy and fast. I was skeptical but it turned out well and within the time frame advertised. (It was to my taste a bit bitter for the style but still quaffable. I entered it in a competition and my thoughts were echoed by the judges)
The beer was very clear and the ease of fermenting and serving from the same vessel is undeniable. The large lid opening makes clean up a breeze when the beer is gone.

Issues: These are minor and will not stop me from buying another. As another noted, there are no internal marking indicators. These would be handy. Maybe future tooling could emboss these during production. The pressure vent leaked the firs time due to a vigerous ferment, this has not been an issue in the last two batches. The collection bulb could be a bit easier to remove, it is very easy to spill some while manouvering the full bulb out the side openings. Getting the silicone old sealing ring just so can be a tad tricky but this is a really minor thing that is going away with more practice. Getting the pickup tube and lid into position also a bit tricky at first, again, probably need more practice.

All in all a lovely piece of kit that I can wholeheartedly recommend — especially if the price came down some. I really enjoy the 10 liter size. Since my friends don’t drink much it gives me more opportunity to get different styles into the fridge.
First noboil kit.  Ready to close up within half an hour of opening the kit.
Vigorous ferment caused bit of blow off through the valve.  Did not seem to affect finished product.
Finished beer
Settling out.  Hacked my own fermclear infuser, spare tube and fittings.
December 11, 2018
over 2 years ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate the honesty and value great feedback like this as it helps us improve our products. Cheers!
December 12, 2018
Zach R Staff
Good Product
Good product. I think the lid design could be a little better. It’s fully functional, just don’t like the way water/wort/beer, settles into the seems and kind of disappears. I also wouldn’t mind some volume markings on the inside to actually know how much wort has been transferred into vessel. Minor issues I will deal with, and probably look to get another soon.
September 18, 2018
1 year ago
Buy one (or more). You won’t be sorry.
Has made my brewing life so much easier with great results!
August 31, 2018
over 2 years ago