FermFed DAP Free Yeast Nutrient

FermFed DAP Free Yeast Nutrient

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Feed your fermentation with FermFed DAP Free by CellarScience®. The 100% natural formulation of FermFed DAP Free is derived from the autolysis of very specific yeast strains naturally high in free amino acids, sterols, mannoproteins, zinc, magnesium, and niacin, along with vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12 for a complete yeast health regimen.  As the name suggests, this unique formulation does not contain the traditional inorganic diammonium phosphate, but does provide organically derived nitrogen.
How Much Do I Add and When?
The recommendation that covers most fermentations is to add 1.5 gram per gallon of FermFed DAP Free at the onset of fermentation and then add 1 gram per gallon of FermFed after 1/3 sugar depletion. Mix the nutrients in a small slurry of water and add to the fermentation.  Read more below if you are interested in measuring YAN (Yeast Available Nitrogen) and adjusting your nutrient schedule accordingly.
The Science of How it Works
The different components of FermFed DAP Free work in different ways to feed and protect your yeast.  
  • The complex and organic nitrogen in FermFed DAP Free helps eliminate excessive yeast growth in the initial phases, reducing fermentation heat spikes at the start of fermentation.
  • Included sterols make the yeast membrane more resistant to alcohol and to high temperatures. 
  • The collection of B-vitamins along with zinc and magnesium are essential for enzymatic activity, alcohol tolerance, and yeast health. 
  • Mannoproteins help avoid the aromatic stripping during the fermentation by binding esters and terpenes and not allowing them to be driven off by CO2. 
  • The included yeast hull components act as receptors to bind up fatty acids that can accumulate and cause stuck fermentations.
Advanced - Adjusting Your Nutrient Schedule Based on YAN (Yeast Available Nitrogen)
In addition to the nutrients provided by FermFed or FermFed DAP Free, yeast need a certain level of nitrogen to perform adequately. If deprived of nitrogen, yeast are more likely to produce off flavors, most notably hydrogen sulfide. When added at the rate of 1 gram per gallon, FermFed provides 38ppm of YAN while FermFed DAP Free adds 20ppm when added at the rate of 1.5 gram per gallon. 
How much YAN do you need? Acceptable levels range from 175 to 300ppm.  YAN levels in grapes vary, with grapes from warmer climates often having less. The best practice is to measure your grapes using a commercial wine lab or the Vinmetrica YAN Test Kit along with a Vinmetrica Meter. If you know your YAN the following is a good general guide:
  • 175ppm or above = FermFed DAP Free @ onset + FermFed DAP Free @ 1/3 completion (adds 40ppm YAN)
  • 150ppm or above = FermFed DAP Free @ onset + FermFed @ 1/3 completion (adds 58ppm YAN)
  • 125ppm or above = FermFed @ onset + FermFed @ 1/3 completion (adds 72ppm YAN)
  • Below 125ppm = FermFed @ onset + FermFed @ 1/3 completion + extra DAP 
For a full yeast nutritional plan, use FermStart when rehydrating your yeast, use FermFed DAP Free at the onset of fermentation, and use FermFed after 1/3 sugar depletion.


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Sounded good
Doug F on Feb 28, 2023
I'm making lemon wine with Citrus Yeast.
tristen c on Jan 17, 2023
Sounded good
Doug F on Feb 28, 2023
William B on Feb 25, 2023
I'm making lemon wine with Citrus Yeast.
tristen c on Jan 17, 2023
DAP free
Brian A on Jan 16, 2023
See if helps fermentation
Eugene Thompson I on Jan 7, 2023
SAM C on Jan 4, 2023
Want to learn brewing.
Valued C on Dec 17, 2022
Because I use it all the time.
Kenneth S on Dec 6, 2022
I have always has excellent results with this product for mead making.
Norman B on Dec 5, 2022
Ryan Z on Oct 26, 2022
Recently read about this new amino acid focus w/o DAP.
Elisha P on Oct 18, 2022
need it
Tom & Lisa Y on Sep 11, 2022
I did not pick this. Remove please.
Ronald K on Sep 6, 2022
Allows very strong starting, very solid fermentation! Pre-measured convenience!
Donald B on Sep 2, 2022
Used it before, does the job
Stevie S on Aug 17, 2022
Kevin Conroy on Aug 10, 2022
SCOTT M on Jun 8, 2022
watched you tube video
Molly K on Jun 1, 2022
Yeast gotta eat man, especially when you are making mead.
Michael Tapscott on Mar 4, 2022
Was recommended by the yeast product page
Steven Simpkins on Mar 3, 2022
I use yeast nutrient with every batch
Lester House on Feb 25, 2022
Provides that little extra oomph to fermentation
James B on Feb 24, 2022
I need a sulphite/sulphate free yeast nutrient for my small winery
Debra C on Jan 26, 2022
Barry Y on Jan 22, 2022
Was looking for Fermaid O, and settled for this.
James K on Dec 30, 2021
Recipe in BYO recommended this for Mead
D S on Dec 7, 2021
Leaves less off flavors in fermentation than the DAP type
Nicholas T on Nov 9, 2021
Tring this out. I usually use regular FermFed
Lester House on Nov 5, 2021
Hopefully improve fermentation
garrett shuck on Nov 2, 2021
Shane G on Sep 30, 2021
almost depleted my supply
Craig P on Jun 25, 2021
No particular reason it looked suitable for my needs
Gary H on Jun 24, 2021
I have used it in the past, and I like the way it works!
Donald B on Jun 15, 2021
Hard seltzer
Justin L on May 6, 2021
For my hard seltzer
JP on Apr 20, 2021
To make seltzer water
JP on Mar 16, 2021
Harry Vlavianos on Feb 17, 2021
Goes with my Beer Stile and at 1.5 per 5 gal batch this is better buy
David Joseph E on Jan 3, 2021
trying a new yeast nutrient without DAP
Chris G on Jan 1, 2021
Helps Ferment Clean with a Wash
Nicholas T on Dec 29, 2020
I want to make a natural wine
Pedro C Z on Nov 26, 2020
John H on Nov 25, 2020
A hard seltzer recipe called for it
Jason Taclas on Nov 23, 2020
Don’t know yet hope it helps
Barbara I on Oct 13, 2020
Basic Ingredient
Sanad Saudi on Oct 9, 2020
Brooke M on Sep 10, 2020
making wine
Alyssa S S on Sep 4, 2020
Making red wine
James L on Aug 27, 2020
used last year
Tony M P on Aug 23, 2020
Previous use
Tim B on Aug 13, 2020
William B on Feb 25, 2023
DAP free
Brian A on Jan 16, 2023
Does this include zinc? I want a yeast nutrient blend to be used for repeated yeast propagation
Austin Tebbe on Aug 2, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi, yes, zinc was the specific reason I purchased this nutrient
What is the shelf life after opening?
Allan M Tiso on Dec 15, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I am not sure about this one, but the one I use in winemaking , Amonium phosphate, is 5 years. I assume it is similar.
is this product damaged by heating? I would like to add it to a slurry that is 63-72c
Allan M Tiso on Dec 31, 2020
BEST ANSWER: There is nothing alive in it but like anything with protein, amino acids.... heat will change / break down the constructs. You boil wort for a long time break down long chain proteins. I use this in wine, in beer pitch at 1/3 depletion
Not a community question, but a question for the manufacturer: why can this nutrient not be boiled in the wort like an ordinary nutrient? It is impossible to dissolve in room temp water; it just clumps up and settles out.
George Brooks on Jun 21, 2024
BEST ANSWER: It's for wine, not beer. You sprinkle it over the must during fermentation.

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My Experience Was Positive
Hard to tell how much/what level of effect FermFed had as I have no way of measuring. What I can say is the wine yeast did what it was supposed to do and primary fermentation down to .997 was achieved in 7 days from 1.102. I’ll continue to use the yeast nutrient because of this performance.
July 9, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Added a good amount to me newest traditional mead. Went crazy twenty minutes after aeration and pitching!
March 1, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Works well and has a good price point for my needs.
April 22, 2021
over 3 years ago