Maximum Coverage Jacket for FO-100-1100 with Ports Straight - 2 Square Meters of Cooling Surface

Maximum Coverage Jacket for FO-100-1100 with Ports Straight - 2 Square Meters of Cooling Surface

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Maximum Coverage Jackets are the largest size cooling jacket that Speidel can outfit a tank with at their factory. Max Jackets are typically used when a winemaker needs to effect a large change in temperature from the ambient conditions in order to reach his desired temperature inside the tank. Large temperature changes are characterized as more than 20F, such as what is typically needed to perform a cold stabilization. For more basic temperature maintenance a standard Cooling Jaket is typically sufficient, and is a more economical option. Most winemakers will order 1 or 2 tanks with Maximum Coverage jackets to perform their stabilizations in and simply rack the wine that needs to be stabilized into these tanks as necessary.

Please note that in most cases "Maximum coverage" does not equate to "Full Coverage" due to difficulties with affixing the cooling jacket across existing seams in the tank wall, which can compromise the integrity of these seams. However, these jackets provide ample coverage to perform rapid, effective cooling and heating, without incurring the additional costs of a larger jacket.

Speidel Cooling Jackets are laser-welded, dimple style jackets. Jackets feature 1" NPT male threaded fittings and are rated to an industry leading 6 bar (90 psi) operating pressure.

Jacket features 2 Square Meters of Cooling Surface and a total height of 1438 mm between all individual jacket segments.

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Build Time: 26 to 27 Weeks
Special Order: This Tank or Tank Option is available for Special Order Only, and will be built to order for you at Speidel's factory in Germany.
Item # FO-100-1100-MAX
Weight 10 LBS
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