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Sterile Siphon Starter - For 3, 5, 6, and 6.5 Gallon Carboy with smooth necks
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The easiest way to start a siphon!

Simply blow into the sterile filter, which slightly pressurizes the carboy, causing wine to flow out.

This is hands down superior to the numerous other methods of starting a siphon (and we have tried them all!) No sucking the end of the tube, no plungers with faulty gaskets, no shaking, no filling up the tube with unsterilized water, nothing to break, no contamination, no disturbing the sediment, and no fuss. Can you tell we really like it!

How to Use Attach the Sterile Siphon starter assembly by firmly pushing the orange or yellow carboy hood over the mouth of the carboy. Slide the racking cane to the desired depth, just about the sediment level and blow into the white, sanitary air filter for 2-3 seconds. Blowing through the filter forces wine out through the racking cane, starting the siphon. There is no need to worry about contamination from your mouth, as the sanitary filter removes 99.98% of airborne bacteria. For a video demonstration, check out the video below.

A Video Demonstration
For a simple Quicktime movie demonstration by Chris Graham Click Here. Don't have Quicktime, click here for free viewer.

Tip to Remove Oxygen in Line We suggest that as your starting the siphon you pinch the clear, flexible tubing near the racking cane. Release the pinch on the tubing after 1-2 seconds, while continuing to blow through for an additional second. This will cause the clear vinyl tubing to fill completely with wine, eliminating oxidation that can occur in siphoning when your line is not completely full and wine is mixing with oxygen.

Special Tip for Additional Use of Sterile Siphon Starter while sanitizing carboys
Fill your carboy with sanitizer as normal. Take the red tip off the end of the stainless racking cane and insert Siphon Starter assembly into carboy filled with sanitizer. Blow on filter to begin siphoning sanitizer out of carboy. As the sanitizer empties the carboy fills with filtered air, leaving a sanitized, bacteria free environment to fill your wine into.

Sterile Siphon Includes:

  • 26 inch Stainless Racking Cane
  • Red Sediment Reduction Tip
  • Rubber Carboy Blow Off Hood w/White Caps (3, 5, 6, 6.5 Gallon smooth neck)
  • 5' 3/8" ID Vinyl Tubing
  • Stainless Hose Clamp
  • Sterile Air Filter

    About the White Sterile Filter: There are two sides to the filter - an "in" and an "out". The direction you use doesn't matter, however, you want to take note of which way you first push air through it and always keep it that way. There is an arrow on the edge of the filter housing that we use to keep the air flow going one direction when using it. The filter should never get wet, so don't try and sanitize it by dunking it in sanitizer. If you want to clean the outside of it, use Alpet D2. To store the filter, use a little tinfoil on the "In" of the filter and store in a zip-lock bag.
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to try something new
Mark M on Feb 20, 2018
Brulosophy review
Kellan J on Jan 15, 2018
to try something new
Mark M on Feb 20, 2018
Need an easy way to start the siphon for racking.
Brulosophy review
Kellan J on Jan 15, 2018
Need an easy way to start the siphon for racking.

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Easy and safe way to transfer
This is a must have item. It makes transferring from one fermentor to another or to a keg as simple as it could be. One note, you might need a different size blow off tube depending on what bottle you are transferring from.
January 31, 2018
1 month ago
No going back
This was $20 well spent. It makes transferring so much easier. I did have the cap pop off once because of the pressure in there, but that can be fixed with a hose clamp, or just holding the cap on there. I wouldn't consider that a flaw. Love this thing. Wish I would have ordered a few extra filters with it. The instructions say that the trub filter tip is red, but mine was black. Confused me for a bit upon first opening.
June 28, 2015
It works!
Nice gizmo to not use all the methods mentioned to start a siphon. I had a push style siphon that wore out while pushing o2 into my beer. This is much easier. Now to get it from the bucket to the carboy...
May 31, 2015
Works amazingly well
Very nice way to siphon from carboy. Can also be used (with a few other parts) to siphon under CO2 pressure.
May 31, 2015
Use this to pressure transfer from my carboys - plastic and glass. Works great. Just hook up the Co2 to the filter and put about 5 psi through it. Could not imagine the brewery without it.
May 27, 2015
Works as advertised
It works really well. I started by blowing through the hepa filter, but now I hook it up to my C02 tank and push just a little CO2 through to keep the beer from touching O2.
May 27, 2015
Replaced all of my plastic siphons
This thing works great on carboys and better bottles.

I always used auto siphons and always hated cleaning and sanitizing all the moving parts. Ended up replacing them twice a year due to plastic cracking or being unable to clean all the way to the bottom of them.

I only keep one around now to move sanitizer around and use this stainless steel unit to move my beer and mead between fermenters.
May 27, 2015
Lot of breath
Maybe I'm just out of shape but it is not easy blowing enough air into the carboy with this thing to get it to siphon but other than that it works great.
May 27, 2015
Works Really Well
This racking system has always worked well for me. So well that when I moved and the movers seemed to have misplaced it I ordered another one. My last one lasted 6 years. I would take it apart occasionally to clean it and I replaced the sterile filter yearly. A couple words of advice. If you have a lot of head space in your carboy you are going to have to blow pretty hard. I usually did not fasten the top onto the carboy and just held it in place. Once the siphon was going I let go of it. Also while blowing into the filter and there is flow, momentarily kink the hose and then let it go. That is what it seems to take to keep the flow going well. I have never had this not transfer for me, even if I momentarily spaced out and let the flow stop with only a gallon or so left. I felt like I was going to rupture a lung getting it going again with so much head space, but it did work.
May 27, 2015
Good siphon, but practice first!
This product works well, but is a little tricky to learn how to use. I recommend practicing with a carboy of tap water first. It takes quite a bit of blowing pressure and you have to pinch the tubing as described in the instruction sheet.
I am going to look into using low pressure CO2 with this in the future.
May 21, 2015