Cleaning Compounds

MoreWine! has a carefully selected offering of cleaning compounds for the winery:

For most cleaning jobs, including tanks, lines and equipment, we recommend PBW: a non-hazardous, buffered alkaline cleaner that outperforms most caustic cleaners. PBW harnesses oxygen as a solvent without being corrosive, it's more effective that Sodium Hydroxide, and can be held in the hand without risk of injury. Furthermore, PBW is biodegradable and actually adds oxygen to the wastewater (which  helps to promote a healthy aerobic bacterial population in septic systems and wastewater treatment facilities!). 

Wine Stains:
For getting spilt wine out of fabric (i.e.: shirts and carpets!), Wine Away has saved the day more than once!

Complete information on cleaning compounds and their usage can be found in our Cleaning & Sanitizing manual!

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