Frozen Grapes for Wine

Make World-Class Wine at home anytime of year. Brehm brand Frozen Red and White musts shipped directly to your door via UPS anytime of year!

Key Points:

  • Year Around Winemaking: You can make high-quality wine from grapes any time of year - make wine all year!
  • Simple Winemaking Using Grapes: If you are a Kit Winemaker you can finally dive into the art of making wine from grapes. Use our free,  comprehensive manuals to guide you through the process.
  • World Class Fruit: Brehm frozen must and juice are sourced from World Class vineyards and better than what most home winemakers have access to. Make the wine you know you can!
  • Freezing is a Benefit: Preserved perfectly at the peak of ripeness, reduced microbial action due to freezing, built in cold soak.
  • Save Time & Equipment: Whites are already destemmed, crushed and settled so no crusher or press is needed. Reds are already destemmed and crushed, so only a press is needed.
  • Easier: The numbers are already given to you including pH, TA and Brix saving you time, money and hassle and allowing you to be a better winemaker.

Packaging Size (6 Gallon Pail)

  • Reds:  Five gallons of must will make approximately 3 to 3.5 gallons of wine.
  • Whites:  5.5 Gallons of frozen Juice will yield approximately 5 gallons of wine. 

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