Sanitizing Agents

MoreWine! offers the following sanitizing agents to cover all of your winemaking sanitization needs:

Star San and SaniClean:
Star San and SaniClean are two "next generation" sanitizers that are based on acid anionics. When used at their recommended concentrations, they are quick, odorless, tasteless and safe for most materials except soft metals (which should not be used in the winery anyway). When using Star San and SaniClean there are no fumes and intermittent skin contact is not an issue - in fact you can put your hands in them without any problems (something you definitely cannot do with a traditional SO2/acid solution)!

What are the differences between Star San and SaniClean?:

  • Star San is made to foam so it is ideal for most general sanitizing duties (ex: tanks and equipment, etc.).
  • SaniClean is low-foaming and is most appropriate for use in pumps, filters, CIP cleaning and as a final acid rinse.

Note: Star San and SaniClean are easy on the environment as well: Despite being very effective acid-based sanitizers at their prescribed concentrations, raising the pH well above 3.5 (using simple baking soda or any waste PBW) renders Star San and SaniClean inactive as sanitizers and the raw ingredients actually feed the aerobic bacteria found in septic systems or wastewater treatment facilities!

Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer:
Like Star San and Sani Clean, Alpet D2 is a surface sanitizer. However, because Alpet D2 contains QUAT (a residual bacterial killer) it has the added benefit of keeping a surface sanitized even when dry. Alpet D2 is ideal for sanitizing work areas where yeast and bacteria are handled and winemaking additions are weighed and made-up. Some wineries actually spray QUAT on their walls as an added layer of protection!

IO Star Iodine Sanitizer:
For those who are used to using a traditional, iodine-based sanitizing product we offer IO Star Iodine Sanitizer. Keep in mind that Star San and SaniClean have all of the same benefits as IO Star with none of the potential to stain vinyl tubing and plastic parts over time (Note: this slight discoloration will not harm the functionality of the tubing or parts.)

Complete information on sanitizing agents and their usage can be found in our Cleaning & Sanitizing manual!