Wine Making Additives (During Ageing)

During the ageing/storage period, even though we are no longer working with the wine on a daily basis, we still need to monitor and test periodically in order to make sure our wine is progressing positively:

  • Sulfite levels should be watched carefully and maintained at the recommended levels throughout the entire ageing period. (Complete information on SO2 management can be found in our SO2 Management Paper.)
  • The final adjustments to the pH/acidity should happen as early as possible so the additions have time to better integrate into the wine before it gets bottled. (Complete information on adjusting pH/acidity can be found in our Red Winemaking Manual and our White Winemaking Manual.)
  • Tannins and the level of oak aromas and flavors should be monitored so the wine has enough structure but is not overpowered by the wood. (Complete information on oak varietals and their various flavor differences can be found in our Oak Information Paper.)

In this section you will find all of the winemaking supplies needed to correct, fine-tune and basically keep your wine on track!

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