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Deal Of The Week
We offer our own mixed-variety of honey at a fantastic price. It comes from the California Central Valley where we pick it up from the apiary ourselves in 55 gallon drums. Because it has not been heat-pasteurized or altered like the honey you buy in stores, it may crystallize with time and temperature. This has no affect on quality.

It starts as a blend in the hive as the bees are exposed to a mixture of fruit trees, clover fields and wildflowers. We have found it makes a terrific, complex, base-mead that tastes great by itself and at the same time blends well with other meads.

We also offer single-source honey that comes either from bees that stay in one location or apiaries that pull the honey when the bees are moved from that particular field. It is more expensive than our blended honey but having access to these different flavors is well worth the cost.

On any order over $59 honey is shipped free. A great deal on a heavy product!