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7 gal | Brew Bucket Fermenter
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Upgrade your home winery with an innovative, Stainless Steel, Brew Bucket™ Fermenter!  You will enjoy many of the benefits of a stainless conical fermenter but at a fraction of the cost and you are going to love how easy it is to use!  Made by Ss Brewing Technologies from polished 304 Stainless Steel, the Brew Bucket™ is not only functional it is downright beautiful. At MoreWine!  we know winemaking equipment and we truly believe this is a piece of equipment you are going to enjoy using every season.

While originally designed for Home Beermaking, the Brew Bucket has proven itself as a great addition to the home winery.  Stainless Steel construction means easy cleaning and long lasting durability, while a tightly clamped gasketed lid means no oxygen permeation and premature spoilage of your wine.  This is a great unit for small fermentations, test batches, and kit wines.  The entire lid lifts off, making additions or stirring of must hassle-free.  Cleaning is equally easy, as the stainless steel construction will resist tartaric buildup, and the wide opening allows for scrubbing if necessary.

We inspected and used the Brew Bucket™ and one of the most unique features that stood out is that the Brew Bucket can be stacked during fermentation, even with an airlock attached. We also like the conical bottom that allows trub to settle out in a concentrated space that minimizes the surface area of the trub that is in contact with your beer.  The included Patent Pending Rotating Racking Valve is also a brilliantly simple design allowing you to rotate the racking arm inside the Brew Bucket down during fermentation to minimize trub, and later up to get clear beer when racking!   Etched Volume Markers on the inside were super handy when filling.

The build quality is really amazing for the price. Welds are clean. The lid is strong and the spring loaded lid hatches are solid.  The lid includes a removable, molded silicone gasket that ensures an airtight seal.  We love an airtight seal so that we can be sure to see the airlock working.  The welded on stainless handles make the BrewBucket super easy to move. 

Overall: Very functional, easy-to-use, will last a lifetime, and looks amazing. Lets make some wine!


  • Certified Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Patent Pending Stainless Rotating Racking Valve
  • 6.95 gal Max Capacity
  • 40° Conical Bottom for Trub Trapping
  • Nests for Storage, Stacks for Ferment!
  • Molded Silicone Lid Gasket
  • Spring Loaded Lid Clamps for Airtight Lid Seal
  • Offset Airlock Hole includes Silicone Stopper
  • Gallon Markers inside for visual volume assessment
  • Stainless construction resists damage and is easy to clean
  • 21” Height x 13” Width
  • 10 lbs

Note: 1/2" Silicone fits into the lid hole for use as a blowoff.  3/8" ID tubing is perfect for racking beer from the BrewBucket's valve.

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Weight 14LBS
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Added to my collection of 5 others
William E. H on Aug 11, 2018
To make beer
Brian H on May 22, 2018
Added to my collection of 5 others
William E. H on Aug 11, 2018
Time to get away from plastic fermenters
Paul C on Jul 13, 2018
To make beer
Brian H on May 22, 2018
Make transfers and hydro testing easier and more sanitary.
Matthew D on Feb 3, 2018
It's not plastic
Jason R S on Jan 15, 2018
Time to get away from plastic fermenters
Paul C on Jul 13, 2018
Make transfers and hydro testing easier and more sanitary.
Matthew D on Feb 3, 2018

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There are fancy as fermenters with tri clamps and multiple access points but this is simple inexpensive greatness that’s a snap to clean up. I’m loving it. Light weight and easy to move. Does what is suppose to and simple to clean. I’m loving it and just bought another.
March 30, 2018
5 months ago
great buckets
i bought 2 and haven't used my conical since.easy everything with these
March 16, 2018
6 months ago
One of the best buys as a homebrewer
Most home-brew fermenters have some sort of major flaw. Plastic buckets soak up odors and need careful cleaning. Plastic carboys are worse to clean. Glass carboys are only suitable for those who like extensive surgery when they inevitably shatter. Small conicals are nice but super pricey.

Enter the brew bucket. Stainless steel so you can pour boiling water on it, blast it with chemicals or scour it with a scrub pad. The conical base catches all of your trub, and a nice, convenient stainless steel valve with a racking arm lets you transfer by gravity straight into a keg through the dip tube with the appropriate liquid disconnect.

Really what's not to like? If you intend on home brewing with any level of seriousness (I've been brewing for five years) then this will easily pay for itself once you factor in periodic replacement of plastic fermenters and auto siphons.

In short: I'll be buying more
March 15, 2018
5 months ago
Been homebrewing since 1995. I've used plastic 5 gallon buckets, glass carboys and wide mouth fermenters. IMO, nothing, at least so far, beats the SS Brew Bucket for ease of use and cleaning. I did have a problem with fermenting an ale at basement, 60F temps. Fermentation clogged up the airlock. Therefore, when fermenting an ale, use a blow off tube. On the other hand, a lager fermented at 52F had no problem.
Amazing how the trub clings to the outer walls leaving the center clear.
Yes, these are expensive, but they are, if handled properly, a lifetime of use.
Be sure to read the cleaning instructions before first use.
No reason to purchase an drilled stopper as one is included unless another drilled stopper is desired.
January 26, 2018
7 months ago
Great fermenter
Quality product, no complaints. Would buy another if I had the fermentation chamber space.
January 25, 2018
7 months ago
Absolutely awesome and easy to clean.
January 13, 2018
7 months ago
Quality Product with Great Features
So I've been brewing about 4 years now, always with glass carboys. Over the past year I've been fermenting in a chamber, but decided to start using that as a keezer. Given my situation, I wanted something that was still compact with temp control capability without a steep price. The brewbucket fit the bill when paired up with the FTSs. I was on the fence about wanting a full conical fermenter, but just do not have that kind of money. So a few concerns I had before buying that you may have too:

- With no dump valve, I still have to transfer to secondary -
So I had this same question, as I had put most of my beers to secondary when I used glass carboys. After spending time with some really good brewers I found out they had been using plastic buckets and almost never secondary their beer. With the conical bottom, the surface area of yeast/trub contacting the wort is minimized. I've made 6 different batches with this, from Stouts to Hefs to Hazy IPAs, none of those really matter for clarity so I went ahead with a SMaSH IPA. As long as you pay attention to the drain valve, you will draw clear clean wort and leave the rest behind. If you have a sour or something that is going to age extremely long, then you may want 2 of these or another vessel to transfer to.

- What about dry hopping? -
I've dry hopped a number of IPAs and never had an issue. If you're concerned though, get some hop bags, or I got a stainless hop tube for those bigger brews.

This thing paired with the FTSs works wonders, I keep a bunch of frozen 2 liter bottles of water and just cycle them each day. I've cold crashed down to about 50 degrees.

So to sum it all up, this thing works great if you're not sure about a conical or dont have the money right now. Being able to drain from the bottom valve is a great feature, I just wish this thing came with a blow off tube, cuz you're gonna need one. Now that I have 1, I'll probably just buy another in the future so I can run multiple batches or use it for long term aging.
December 1, 2017
Great So far
Just finished my first fermentation in this, very happy so far. Really like how minimal and compact it is. Was able to fit about 6 gallons in, had no problems with krausen in the airlock, but that may depend on the strain. I cleaned with TSP and then PBW before use, but I think they must have eliminated the issues they used to have, it did not have any noticeable odor or oils from manufacturing when I received it. Bottom port made racking easy, gasket sealed nicely.
September 14, 2017
Excellent Product and Value for Home Brewing
I've purchased my first SS Brewtech Brew bucket about 1 1/2 years ago. I've brewed all styles of beer in it since, and it is an excellent product. The bucket is easy to use and to clean. It is a well thought out product for a home brewer, so much better than plastic buckets or glass carboys. The only issue I personally have is the lack of a second hole in the lid to insert a thermo well, otherwise it is perfect for my brew set up. I've purchased a second one to be able to brew with more frequency, especially when brewing lagers. A great upgrade or addition at a very reasonable price.
February 7, 2017
Nice, but the pivoting racking arm is almost useless.
The 7gal Brewbucket is very well made (9/7/2016), no sharp edges, beautifully finished. The top and gasket and latches are very well made. In all respects - except the racking arm feature - it seems to be every bit as good as it is advertised to be. Because the racking arm is installed on the 40deg sloped bottom, when it is turned downward it actually points just a tiny bit below horizontal and this leaves a large volume of material in the cone lower than the mounting hole unaccessibe. This will be useless to remove trub or yeast. The adjustable feature is completely useless since the short internal arm points from near-horizontal to straight up (even less useful). They put the valve on the sloped surface so that the buckets can be nested, a bad trade-off in my opinion. If the rotating racking arm with 45deg bend were placed on the sidewall (and were longer) it could point downward, to the bottom of the cone and could be much better, but I think the geometry would not let a tube reaching the bottom pivot. It just isn't well thought out the way it is done. It would be nice if they supplied it with a bottom drain option.

A standard SS racking cane (21") will reach through the airlock hole to the very bottom to allow removal of trub or yeast; use a clothespin or other clamp to hold the cane above the bottom to draw clear fluid.
September 11, 2016