Gas Transfer Tool

The inert gas wine transfer system is made up of two parts that are connected by a hose- the gas transfer tool and the racking tube:

  • Gas Transfer Tool:
The gas transfer tool is basically a 1" racking cane with an adjustable bung assembly that slides up and down the main shaft. This assembly has a mechanism that allows the bung to expand and form a seal in the bung hole of the barrel. A gas inlet allows gas to enter the barrel through the bung assembly.
  • Racking Tubes:
    Racking Tubes allow you to fill from the bottom of the barrel and help hold the wine transfer hose in place. Racking Tubes come in two different forms: a straight racking tube if your barrels are not stacked, and a specially curved racking tube for accessing lower barrels in stacks. 

How it works
The transfer tool gets placed in the barrel you want to rack out of. An adjustable screw called a "lees pin" at the bottom of the tube controls how far off the bottom of the barrel the wine will draw from. Once the bottom of the tool has been set, you lower the bung assembly until it sits in the bung hole. Tighten the expansion mechanism to expand the bung and seal the gas transfer tool in the barrel. Place the racking tube in the barrel you are racking into. Connect your inert gas and gently turn the regulator on (only 6-8 PSI is needed to move the wine). As the gas enters the barrel, pressure will begin to build and eventually push the wine out of the barrel into the receiving one. Once the transfer is done, turn off the gas and release the pressure in the barrel. Untighten the expansion mechanism to release the bung and you are free to move the gas transfer tool to the next barrel!