Wine Siphon Assemblies for Carboys

Siphon assemblies work using gravity and rely on the fact that liquid always flows downward to the lowest point. In order to use a siphon, the vessel you are siphoning from needs to be positioned above the vessel you are racking into. Here are a few recommendations to help make your siphoning experience a positive and productive one:

  • Sanitize everything that will come into contact with the wine! Before using your siphon set-up, make sure to sanitize the entire assembly (MoreWine! recommends using StarSan or SaniClean, but a traditional acidulated SO2 solution will work as well).
  • If you need to move the vessel you are racking, we recommend moving it 1-2 days before doing the transfer. This will allow any lees that get churned up into the wine when the vessel got moved to settle out again. 
  • If you are new to siphoning, practice your technique using water before trying it out on your wine!