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Beer and Wine Plate Filter Kit
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Most breweries and wineries use a large plate filter system to achieve clear product. Now you can do the same at home with two corny kegs. Our Beer and Wine Plate Filter Kit has a larger surface area, which means more yeast and particulate extraction than our cartridge filter, and comes with our plate filter, two disposable filter pads, tubing, flare fittings, and two flare beverage ball locks. Each filtering session requires two pads at a time, and each pad must be the same micron to work. The beer or wine is pushed out of the keg and into the housing at 5 PSI, where it passes on either side of the filter housing, then gets forced from the center through the pads, where it is then pushed out into your clean keg. The rough sides of both filters should be facing each other on the inside of the filter, so the smooth sides face outward.

Download the FIL45B instructions here.

Each filter pad set is good for approximately 5 gallons of beer when the beer has been filtered by the previous size pads or you are starting with the rough filters. These pads are not designed to be back flushed and reused and should be used in one session.

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Works Great / Easy to Setup and Use
No leaks, hassles or drama after several uses. Wish I bought this sooner.

Read the instructions carefully and do what they say and set up is easy, and no leaks, even at higher pressures. Sanitization is a lot easier than I thought it would be.

My process is to cold crash and maybe fine as before and then transfer from carboy to keg (as before) but through the filter using POLISH pads only. Transfer time through polish pads is about 15-25 min (instructions say it can be up to an hour).

- Beer is crystal clear
- No sediment in bottles that have been sitting around for a while
- I can get the last drops out of a carboy and still have a crystal clear keg
- Problems w/ gout are better -- (not sure if this is due to the filter or not)

A great tool for those who place an importance on clear beer.

December 28, 2016
It works...
The filter works alright but will leak if not used carefully.
May 27, 2015
Clear beer is always an option with this tool!
Another of the "what took me so long?" purchases. This plate filter worked very well, and although there is a little leakage (as noted in the enclosed literature), it was minimal and nothing a conveniently placed towel couldn't handle. Easy to dismantle and reassemble. I soaked mine in Iodophor, and used a weak solution to sanitize the filters as well. This is a must have tool!
May 27, 2015
Clears the beer well
I have had some minor problems with lleaking, and the process is slow...but is does the job. Also, have never noticed any carry over filter taste going into the beer
May 8, 2015
Good filter, don't rush
I bought two of these and run them in series so I can coarse filter and fine filter at the same time. My meads come out brilliantly clear. Let your beer or wine settle or cold crash them to let most of the sediment settle. I filtered a young wine that was hazy without cold crashing and filtration significantly slowed as the first filter almost clogged. Take your time and tighten the nuts evenly according to the instructions or you will have leaks.
April 5, 2015
Awesome Product
Works as expected. If you are unsure how to use it, listen to the Brew Strong podcast about filtering on the Brewing Network and hear how Mike "Tasty" McDole uses the same setup. It does take some time and patience, but 30 minutes is a hell of a lot faster than the weeks that it would take to clear without filtering. Highly recommended.
December 15, 2014
Piece of garbage
Oh man, where do I start with this piece of crap? First of all, this is the single WORST piece of homebrewing equipment I have ever received. I'm so angry at it right this moment that I will simply list things that it does or doesn't do:

- It doesn't run beer through it hardly at all.
- It tears filters even at 5 psi, with the coarsest of filters.
- It jams up.
- It leaks no matter how tight you make it with a low psi.
- Instructions are abominable.
- The hoses come with built-in kinks which slows down the already gruelingly slow process.
- The differences between filters? I see none other than the texture looking slightly different. The instructions are also INCREDIBLY vague on how to use them. "Coarse side facing inward." BOTH SIDES ARE COARSE.

I wouldn't even GIVE this thing away. DO NOT BUY! I read the negative reviews and thought, "These people just must be dumb. There's no way it's that bad." I owe all the negative reviewers on this product a very profound apology. This thing is junk, and I'd want my money back, but it's probably too late.
December 3, 2014
Great and really Easy
Let me start by saying I considered on and off about purchasing these filter, mainly because all the old reviews are great but the last few terrible .. implied things had changed, so I emailed Moorebeer prior to purchase to ask the questions about why ? The response I got was a slightly puzzled person from more beer that could not explain, and confirmed they are the same for the last 2 years always and white filter paper (somebody said brown in one review). So one night after a few beer ... I purchased ..

Well I have to say I am so happy, the plate filter is really easy, actually REALLY EASY to use. I just followed the instruction but sure things were the right way around.. The only thing I did different was I used the "polish" filter straight away instead of doing rough etc .. I did this as it was a clean pils that I had cold crashed for 48 hours.

This filter was fantastic the beer that came out was "crystal clear" and tasted great even though I have not carbonated yet .. The filter took 25-35 min and I did not supervise, and total leakage would be less than 1/3 a glass, if that. The filter did slow down for the last 20% as I guess the filter had more junk on it, but it still went well.

In summary ... Easy, and compared to my other filter (the standard type) it will never be used again, and is on its way to ebay as I speak.

May 11, 2014
Works for me..
The filter system seems to work great for me. Have only had a small leak on one of the approximately 12 times I've used it. Setup not difficult. Clears the beer well.
May 2, 2014
New light brown filters don't work
I've used this system on 7 batches with perfect results. The original filters that I bought with the kit were white. In the most recent order, bought within the last 2 weeks, the filters were light brown in color. And when placed into the housing, did not fit snug like the white filters did. I followed the same prefilter procedure I always have: 1 to 1.5 gallons of water through the filter to remove the papery off flavors and to swell the filter. And then run 1 gallon of OneStep to sanitize. I keg carbonated and then bottled. It's cloudy like I didn't filter at all and there was yeast sediment in the bottom of the keg. I never had those results with the white filters. These new light brown filters don't work.
November 17, 2013