Wine Yeast Nutrients 

GoFerm - Wine Yeast Hydration Nutrient:
Even though we may not realize it, wine yeast hydration is actually the first moment that we as winemakers have a direct effect on the ultimate success of our finished wines. A properly hydrated wine yeast is a healthy yeast, and the initial health of our yeast really does determine its ability to gracefully ferment our wines. 

Go-Ferm was specially designed to help with the hydration process and is added directly into the water used to hydrate the wine yeast. This represents a new approach and is important because by making this first nutrient dosage outside of the must, you are able to eliminate potential problems early-on: namely the binding-up of certain nutrients by SO2 (thus making them unavailable to the yeast), and the possible, partial depletion of the nutrient addition due to the early feeding of other organisms that may have gotten into the must before the yeast have had a chance to reach the cell-density needed to begin the fermentation (again, lowering the level of nutrients ultimately available to the yeast). It is this “Go Ferm” addition, therefore, that will ensure that the wine yeast will receive the whole of the nutrient addition without any interference, -and this in turn translates to the start of a clean and healthy fermentation.

Fermaid K - Wine Yeast Fermentation Nutrient:
Added during the fermentation, Fermaid-K is a complex wine yeast nutrient formulation that provides DAP, free amino acids, yeast hulls, unsaturared fatty acids, sterols, and micronutrients such as magnesium sulfate, thiamin, folic acid, biotin, calcium pantothenate, and other vitamins and minerals. Fermaid K helps minimize H2S formation and keeps the yeast healthy throughout the entire fermentation. (1 g/gal Fermaid K = 25 ppmN)

DAP is a cheap source of inorganic Nitrogen. It is best used to augment the Nitrogen levels in a must if they are still low after using Fermaid K. (1 g/gal DAP = 50 ppmN)

(Complete information on wine yeast nutrients and their usage can be found in MoreWine!'s Wine Yeast Re-Hydration and Nutrient Regimen Manual!)


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